Use the seeds the professionals use



Staples for the Egmont Tape Gun : General Use [9800] and the Max Tapener : Heavy Duty Use [9820]



The original Max Tapener (tape gun), designed for the serious orcharder.

Tape & Staples not included : these can be purchased separately.

[Item codes; 9815 & 9805]



Tape suitable for both tape guns offered.

The image shows a pack of 10 rolls, however these are sold individually for $3.50 per roll (pack of 10 is $35.00)



Max replacement blades for Tape Guns. [Pack of 3 blades]

These blades with fit both tape guns offered



Keep it simple with this perfect Mr Fothergills Growing Tray. No need for soil or potting mix!



A fast and easy solution for tying climbers, tomatoes, grapes, raspberry canes and fruits trees around the garden.

Tape & Staples not included : these can be purchased separately.

[Item codes; 9815 & 9805]



Grow your own, fresh, nutritious, tasty sprouts. Mr Fothergills Kitchen Seed Sprouter makes it simple and affordable.


10 Cell Punnets

10 Cell Punnets [9037]

Another great item for the enterprising gardener. These 10-Cell Punnets are ideal for despatching plants to your friends and neighbours and at the local "Trash & Treasure" market!

These packs can be used as a "good sized" alternative to the 6-cell punnets, allowing your plants more room to grow larger prior to planting out.

Cell size is 55mm square and 60mm deep. The complete tray dimension is 350mm x 145mm x 60mm.

$1.50 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 5

198 Cell Propagation Tray

198 Cell Propagation Tray [9036]

For the serious sower! Are you sick of having to move lots of little punnets around? Consider using a 198-cell Propagation Trays.

Fits perfectly into our new Large Vented Propagator - Product number 9312.