Use the seeds the professionals use



Passionfruit [60000]

Passiflora edulis

Once established this climber will supply good crops of round, plump, purple fruit.

Dark green foliage - good strong grower.


Pepino Dulce

Pepino Dulce [60700]

Solanum muricatum

Pepino's are ideal in a container on the deck where it will flower and fruit heavily.  Deemed to be parthenocarpic (does not require pollination to produce fruit) however, a much heavier crop results from self or cross pollination (i.e. grow several plants and attract the bees).   



Rhubarb [61500]

Rheum rhabarbarum

No garden is complete without a rhubarb patch! Strong, healthy upright growth - produces thick green shaded red stalks.

Plants regenerate quickly after cutting. Sow seeds in spring and autumn.


Tamarillo Tree Tomato - sorry not available this season

Tamarillo Tree Tomato - sorry not available this season [64250]

Cyphomandra betacea

Hidden under a tough skin is a very flavourful golden/pink flesh. Once considered the "lost food of the Incas", tamarillos were commercialised in New Zealand. We are now seen as world leader supplying tamarillo, with the fruit being served at tables all over the world.

Fry them, freeze them, boil them, roast them, blend them, use them fresh - or make into a tamarillo chutney. Requires a frost free location plus shelter from wind.

Tomatillo Verde

Tomatillo Verde [64255]

Physalis ixocarpa

Tomatillos are the key ingredient in fresh and cooked Mexican and Central-American green sauces. Fruit should be firm and bright green, as the green colour and tart flavour are the main culinary contributions of the fruit.