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Seed Tape Carrot Resistafly [81115]

Seed Tape Carrot Resistafly

Daucas carota

Seed Tape

Resistafly F1 Hybrid has a high level of rust fly resistance. At this stage there is no variety that can categorically claim 100% resistance, but carrot Rust Fly simply do not like the Carrot Resistafly!



Although the rust fly prefer not to attack Carrot Resistafly, they will try it, and cause minor damage if there is nothing else to attract them. By sowing a small percentage of "sacrificial carrots" amongst the Resistafly the rust fly are attracted to them (the sacrifical ones) and leave the Resistafly alone. We have already mixed in a small % of this sacrifical carrot for you - we have used Carrot Baby (round roots), so you can identify them easily.

Resistafly F1 Hybrid is a Manchester Table type of carrot with parallel sides and blunt ends. Colour is a good deep orange. F1 Hybrid vigour shows through in a strong germination and top quality root harvest.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 100 days
Height 40cm
Space between plants  5cm
When to sow Spring, Summer, Autumn
Tapes per packet x3 @ 1.5m