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Tomato Cocktail Tomaccio [63750]

Tomato Cocktail Tomaccio

Lycopersicon esculentum

This brand new release into NZ has it all! Vigorous growth, high yielding, early fruiting, intensly sweet, cherry tomatoes!

Excellent flavour, we have had success growing this in a very large container on a patio. Can also be grown in the glasshouse or outdoors.

Please note: there are only 2 seeds in the packet - these are premium quality seeds (therefore expensive), however you won't be disappointed. Caution: Treated Seed



What's left to say... well actually there is more, not only is this delicious cherry tomato great to eat fresh, it has been bred so that it is suitable for the drying process. With an abundance of fruit on the vine right through into mid autumn, you can choose to turn these little beauties into "Raisin" tomatoes. Tomaccio has a thicker flesh when compared with other cherry tomatoes, and it is this factor that makes it perfect for dehydration. In hot climates the fruit will dry naturally on the vine, and you may see evidence of this on your plant in the heat of summer as the fruit starts to "wrinkle" when ready for drying. We suggest for our climate in NZ, that trusses are removed and dehydrated in an oven on low heat or with the use of a food dehydrator. Once dried, Raisin Tomatoes can then be stored in airtight jars or frozen. Fantastic for topping on pizza or any recipe that includes dried tomatoes. You can also soak the dried tomatoes in a tasty Olive Oil and simply eat as a snack. Although we have noted that Tomaccio will grow up to 2 metres, because it is such a vigorous grower it will in fact reach much greater heights if desired. Pinch laterals and the tops of leaders to control the plant to your preferred height and shape. Tomaccio tomatoes are the result of a breeding program using a wild Peruvian tomato species.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 80 days
Height 200cm
Space between plants  50cm
Chemically treated  Yes
When to sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per packet Approx 2