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Hanging [Ellerslie] Basket 38cm Green Round [9250]

Hanging [Ellerslie] Basket 38cm Green Round

Minimum purchase x2 baskets


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Each basket has 12 openings around the sides with clip-in catches to contain your plants. The plants easily pass through the opening without a fuss and with absolutely no damage to the root ball, then simply click the catch into place, securing the plant. Continue all the way around and add a few plants to the top. Within a few weeks your plants will be hugging the sides and producing fantastic balls of blooms! We suggest you add/mix-in water crystals or a wetting agent to your potting mix prior to filling the basket. Baskets are as seen at The 2012 Ellerslie Flower Show, they are 38cm and are deep green colour that blends in beautifully with your plants.. Fantastic for gifts.