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Turnip Golden Ball Improved [64010]

Turnip Golden Ball Improved

Brassica rapa var Rapifera

Like its name suggests Golden Ball has a golden-yellow skin and flesh.  At maturity, it is about the size of a small ball, not more than 15 cm in diameter.  As with all turnips if harvested at half its mature size, it will be the most mellow tasting.  Turnips are really versatile, they can be boiled, steamed, added to soups and stews puréed, stuffed or braised!   



The autumn-winter harvest particularly favours Golden Ball which like most good tasting turnips comes to maturity during the times of the year when the outside temperatures tend to stay uniformly cool (summer heat can make almost all turnips tough and bitter tasting). 

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 70
Height 40cm
Space between plants  15
When to sow Spring, Autumn
Seeds per packet Approx 250