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198 Cell Propagation Tray [9036]

198 Cell Propagation Tray

For the serious sower! Are you sick of having to move lots of little punnets around? Consider using a 198-cell Propagation Trays.

Fits perfectly into our new Large Vented Propagator - Product number 9312.


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If you grow lots of plants you can't go past these fantastic 198-cell trays. Cells are approx 20mmx20mm and are just perfect for starting off your seedlings. Compact little roots are formed, making transplanting simple with nearly no stress at all to the plants.

We do recommend you "plant out" seedlings in to larger containers before the roots become overgrown and start growing "in circles" within the cell! Made of lightweight PVC making it easy to "pop" the plants out when ready.

Tray dimensions are 505mm x 305mm x 40mm. Trays can be cut down as you require to fit other propagators - 6x5cells will fit a Small Vented Propagator.