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Pot & Cage [9255]

Pot & Cage

Minimum purchase x2 baskets

Stylish and practical, hexagonal 9 litre pots suitable for patio vegetables and/or flowers that benefit from having staking or growing support. Only available in red.


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Dwarf vegetables such as capsicum, chilli, cucumber, mini peppers, patio tomatoes and in fact any mini-vegetable are so easy to grow in these containers. Not only do they give great support to your plants, once planted up they are easily transportable, giving you the ability to move your containers into more ideal positions when required, giving your plants protectection from spring winds and/or adverse weather.

Geraniums, along with softer plants such as Nigella, Poppies and Dwarf Sweet Peas, or any small to medium sized climbing plant are suitable for these terrific pots. The cage support comes separate and can be fitted when you choose.