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Starters Veggies Growing Kit [9900]

Starters Veggies Growing Kit

Egmont's Great Value Starting Kit

Soil, Seeds and Propagator all in one easy package!



This ideal starter kit is great if you've just started growing or want to watch the plants grow with the kids. (Please note: Carrots should be planted directly in the garden and not transplanted from the containers.)

This Kit includes:

4x reuseable Mini Vented High Propagator (9305)

20x Jiffy Pellets

5x Labels

1 Packet of Lettuce Cut & Come Again (57650)

1 Packet of Carrot All Season (54100)

1 Packet of Tomato Money Maker (63100)

1 Packet of Bean Jackson (50555)

1 Packet of Basil Sweet Large (64300)

Dimensions (210mm x 175mm x 120mm)