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Flexi-6 Connectors (Pkt of 10) [9210]

Flexi-6 Connectors (Pkt of 10)

Sorry, now OUT OF STOCK! The ship has been delayed due to strikes and conjestion at the overseas ports, and is now not due to dock until the 28th of October, product should be available shortly after that.

An innovative solution to creating different size frames for plant protection.

Takes up to a 13mm in diameter cane.


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Using bamboo canes or similar material you can create frames around you garden to protect from birds, cats and insects! Simply use the Flexi-6 Connectors to form the frame, easy as 1, 2, 3. Made in the UK these Flexiballs are of high quality material. Once you have your frame sorted, fix suitable netting for the purpose required, ensuring that you also anchor the top if necessary. There are 10 Flexi-Connectors in each pack.