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Calocephalus Bed Head

Calocephalus Bed Head [14800]

Calocephalus brownii

Also known as Cushion Bush or Silver Bush. Bed Head does produce small yellow flowers on the tips of its stems, but most gardeners grow the plant for its foliage. The stems grow thick and outward in a shape very much like a tumble-weed.


Campanula Cup & Saucer

Campanula Cup & Saucer [15110]

Campanula medium

Lavish rose, white and blue bells delicately framed by beautiful distinctive “saucer petal.” Best sown in autumn to flower the following spring. Perfect for cottage gardens rock gardens and back drops.


Canna Lily Tropical Mix

Canna Lily Tropical Mix [15650]

Canna indica

This extra dwarf Canna grows to about 70cm in the garden.

Flowers stand nicely above the foliage. Great in containers or as a landscape plant. Prefers warm and humid conditions. Perfect for around water features.


Capsicum Ornamental Medusa

Capsicum Ornamental Medusa [15900]

Capsicum annum

Variety is the spice of life!

This incredible non-poisonous plant can produce up to four different coloured fruits at any one time, creating a fiery display.

The upright fruit (5cm) start out ivory, turn yellow, then orange and finally bright red and mingle together to present a striking effect. Grows to approx 15cm


Carnation Lilipot Mixed

Carnation Lilipot Mixed [16150]

Dianthus caryophyllus

A great dwarf carnation that grows to approx 25cm high.

This fantastic plant stays dwarf and compact without pinching and makes a beautiful display in 10-15cm pots.

Lillipot Mixed has a blend of 9 delightful colours. SORRY OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2020.