Use the seeds the professionals use

We are open for business... but please be patient there will be large delays.

While we have "Essential Supplier Status" in COVID-19 terms, we sent all our staff home on Wednesday the 25th for 4 weeks minimum. The risk was too great for our 16 strong team, many of whom have vulnerable babies or family. In our minds we have done the right thing.

Demand for seed is unprecendented, but so is the threat that COVID-19 poses. This time of year is normally our "quiet" months; after just two 16-hour days in lock down we are clearly not keeping up and clearly never will. We are running a skeleton staff of 4 people. You can be confident that we are controlling our "Bubble."

If you send an order PLEASE EXPECT DELAYS. We will send what we have packed and available, for any items that are not packed or available we will send the closest, best alternative. There shouldn't be too many of these and please feel free to return any unacceptable alternatives for a credit.

Stay safe 😷