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10 Cell Punnets

10 Cell Punnets [9037]

Another great item for the enterprising gardener. These 10-Cell Punnets are ideal for despatching plants to your friends and neighbours and at the local "Trash & Treasure" market!

These packs can be used as a "good sized" alternative to the 6-cell punnets, allowing your plants more room to grow larger prior to planting out.

Cell size is 55mm square and 60mm deep. The complete tray dimension is 350mm x 145mm x 60mm. Maximum purchase quantity is 50 trays

$1.50 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 5
Max: 50

144 Cell Propagation Tray

144 Cell Propagation Tray [9038]

For the serious sower! Are you sick of having to move lots of little punnets around? Consider using a 144-cell Propagation Trays.

Fits perfectly into our new Large Vented Propagator - Product number 9312.

Individual cells are 25x25mm

Photo to come (similar to the 60 cell trays.)

$9.50Max: 10

60 Cell Propagation Tray

60 Cell Propagation Tray [9035]

For the serious sower! Are you sick of having to move lots of little punnets around? Then it's time you stepped up to using 60-cell Propagation Trays. Please note: as at 20.9.21 our previous tray has been discontinued by the supplier. These trays are really hard to get a hold of, so we are currently receiving them from two suppliers. This means that sometimes the replacement trays are 30mm deeper, but otherwise much the same dimension as our previous ones - give or take 5-10mm - and sometimes they are similar to the previous, sorry we cannot guarantee which one will be in stock when you order. Maximum order quantity is 5 trays.

$9.50Max: 5

Books : Garden Pest & Diseases Control

Books : Garden Pest & Diseases Control [9355]

A fantastic resource regarding pest and diseases in the garden, including 240 photos. Also includes :

* Detail of every pest/disease

* Prevention methods that work

* Organic Gardening

* Pesticide details, legal status, approved use, comparison with alternatives - for every pesticide available

* Star rated comparison/quick reference charts for every product for every purpose/crop



Books : The Home Orchard

Books : The Home Orchard [9360]

A fantastic resource for Home Orchard enthusiasts.

190 pages with 140 practical photos and illustrations. Written by Bill Brett, The Home Orchard is a follow up to Garden Pest & Disease Control.


Bottletop Waterer

Bottletop Waterer [9885]

These dinky little fellows are such a great idea!  Simply screw onto a used drink bottle and you have an instant handy little watering bottle.  The perfect size for controlling the water on your punnets or seed trays indoors.

Sold in pairs (x2 for $4.00)

$2.00Min:  2 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 2

Early Grow 3-Bay Electric Propagator

Early Grow 3-Bay Electric Propagator [9315]

Another goodie for the serious sower! Sturdy, high-quality Early Grow Electric Propagator made in the UK. Start off those early seedlings to get a great head start.

Comes complete with watering tray, capillary mat and 3 individual propagator trays with lids. We recommend you wash and disinfect the trays and lids at the end of each season, then store in your shed, garage or wherever is convenient out of direct sunlight.