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10 Cell Punnets

10 Cell Punnets [9037]

Another great item for the enterprising gardener. These 10-Cell Punnets are ideal for despatching plants to your friends and neighbours and at the local "Trash & Treasure" market!

These packs can be used as a "good sized" alternative to the 6-cell punnets, allowing your plants more room to grow larger prior to planting out.

Cell size is 55mm square and 60mm deep. The complete tray dimension is 350mm x 145mm x 60mm.

$1.50 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 5

198 Cell Propagation Tray

198 Cell Propagation Tray [9036]

For the serious sower! Are you sick of having to move lots of little punnets around? Consider using a 198-cell Propagation Trays.

Fits perfectly into our new Large Vented Propagator - Product number 9312.


Early Grow 3-Bay Electric Propagator

Early Grow 3-Bay Electric Propagator [9315]

Another goodie for the serious sower! Sturdy, high-quality Early Grow Electric Propagator made in the UK. Start off those early seedlings to get a great head start.

Comes complete with watering tray, capillary mat and 3 individual propagator trays with lids.

Freight on this item is $13.00


Easy-Grip Carry Bags (45 Litre)

Easy-Grip Carry Bags (45 Litre) [9190]

Strong 45 litre carry bags suitable for planting out large plants (ideal for tomatoes). Great for growing those larger plants and trees that you know you will want to take to another place later on. Ensure regular watering during summer months as you would for patio planters.

These durable carry bags have the handles sown in and are made of tough polypropylene. Bags can be emptied at the end of the growing season and reused again and again.