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Veges for Value

Veges for Value

The incentive to garden is wide and varied, from one extreme to another! There’s the “Dedicated Enthusiast Gardener” whom you have to drag indoors as the sun sets, right through to the “Passive Peace-keeper Gardener” who’s out there doing it, albeit a wee bit reluctantly, to please their Significant Other.

Excellent choice on both counts!

What makes people grow their own vegetables?

At Egmont Seeds we believe that gardening is a positive pastime. Below are some good points to remind you of the benefits of digging around in your own vege patch.

  • Interesting, inexpensive hobby
  • Seeds are value for money
  • Rewarding—both financially and as a sense of achievement
  • Convenience—wander up to the garden as you prepare your meal
  • Family orientated fun—it’s great to “muck in” together, and all ages can lend a hand
  • Ripe/mature—picked when ripe, not when green and pumped full of as to ripen
  • Healthy—you control what sprays, if any, are used
  • Tasty—fresh, sprayless veges, picked on maturity simply taste better

Harvesting your own vegetables is extreme value for money!

We sat down and did our maths! So great are the rewards, that we just had to share it with you…

Home Garden Supermarket
Convenience of having seeds posted directly to you. $4.00 Fuel used to drive to supermarket (and still rising!) $1.50
1 packet of easy to grow Broccoli Arcadia (75 seeds per packet = just 4c per seed) $3.00 Time to drive to supermarket, stand in queues and be amongst the hustle and bustle of other busy shoppers. (No fresh air here, only air conditioning!) $0.00
Time to fossick in the garden, getting a good dose of healthy fresh air and exercise for free $0.00 Purchase 1 head of broccoli (average of 99c in season to $2.99 out of season) $2.00
Wander out to the garden at your leisure to harvest your produce $0.00 Drive back home (with those extra impulse purchases that you really didn’t need!) $0.00
Wash, prepare and eat the freshest broccoli in town $0.00 Wash, prepare and eat broccoli, not knowing when it was harvested, what it was sprayed with or who else handled it! $0.00
TOTAL AVERAGE COST for one head of broccoli + fresh air and exercise and a small amount of time $0.09c TOTAL AVERAGE COST for one head of broccoli + a lot of time and possibly inconvenience $3.50 (min)

By growing your seeds, your total outlay will be $7.00, plus your time and maybe a little bit of fertiliser or pest control, depending on your conditions. If you go to the supermarket over time and purchase the same amount (75 broccoli), it would cost you $262.50 on average, plus a great deal more time than walking out into the back yard!

Planting seeds simply makes cents!

With ever-increasing food and fuel prices we want to encourage all keen gardeners to hop out into the garden and “muck in”. We often get queries about larger packets on vegetable items. Because of the increasing demand, this year we have selected the most popular items regularly requested and arranged for “bulk packs”. These are easily identified in the product listings.

Our quality seeds will not disappoint you. We know many people are accustomed to planting “old faithfuls” each year, but we’d love to share with you the opportunity to try some of the more “modern” bred seed lines. Modern breeding offers many great advantages—sometimes this breeding has taken many years of patience and perseverance to obtain the desired results. We do hope you’ll give them a go to see for yourself some of the exciting improvements that have been made. We are confident you will enjoy them, and who knows…maybe you’ll convert to them.