Use the seeds the professionals use

About Seed Tapes & Mats

Seed tapes

Seed tapes are biodegradable paper strips with seeds embedded in them. The seeds are already placed thinly along the tape. This means less time “thinning out” your rows and less seed wastage. Once the ground is prepared, the tapes are simply unravelled, cut to the desired length, laid on the soil, and covered over. Because the tapes are so easy to use and the seeds are all generally sown at the same depth, the overall result should be a nice even germination.

To achieve the best results you must provide the same preparation and aftercare that you would with any new seedbed. Do not lay a seed tape on hard soil! Provide good quality “fluffy” soil under the tape. Apply 5mm of soil onto the top of the tape and keep this moist until germination occurs. How simple is that! Each seed tape packet has three 1.5m strips of tape.

Seed mats

Seeds mats are the same as the seed tapes. They are biodegradable disks with seeds embedded in them at spacing relative to the seed type. These mats can be placed directly into your planters, baskets, or even into your seed raising trays. This reduces the time required for “pricking out” or “thinning” the seedlings as they grow. We have included five 8cm mats in a packet, suitable for smaller pots, but there is nothing to stop you popping a couple into larger containers.

The advantages of using seed tapes and mats

  • Seed tapes and mats are much easier to handle than tiny seeds.
  • Seeds are sown at the same depth.
  • Ensures faster and more uniform germination.
  • Seeds are evenly spaced, meaning less thinning is required.
  • Less seed wastage.
  • No more worrying about rain or watering washing the seeds away.

Planting seed tapes and mats is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Prepare the seed bed, dig the ground, and loosen the soil until it is nice and fluffy.
  2. Roll out the tape or place the mat at the same depth you would normally sow the seeds.
  3. Water and ensure the ground stays nice and moist so the seeds can happily germinate.