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Abutilon Bella Mix F1 Hybrid

Abutilon Bella Mix F1 Hybrid [10050]

Abutilon hybridum

A dual-use plant, Bella abutilon is a wonderful selection for garden containers in partial shade locations or as an indoor flowering houseplant in a sunny window. Can be grown all-year-round.


Acanthus Bears Beech

Acanthus Bears Beech [10000]

Acanthus mollis

Acanthus foliage makes a decorative display. The fresh or dried flowers spikes are used in floral arrangements.

The impressive flower spikes with white to purple flowers appear early summer and last until autumn.

Very vigorous plants and adapts well to most locations.


Achillea Summer Pastels F2 Hybrid

Achillea Summer Pastels F2 Hybrid [10100]

Achillea millefolium

A drought resistant perennial with fern like foliage. An excellent choice if you are looking for a hardy perennial that is basically trouble free and thrives in all soils and climates!

Colour your large flower beds with this continuously flowering plant that supports masses of dainty flowers.

Sown in spring, will flower the same year.


Agastache Indigo Towers

Agastache Indigo Towers [10200]

Agastache mexicana

Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner for 2011/2012. Indigo Towers creates proud, graceful spikes sitting atop of lush dark green foliage. Very fashionable colours and a distinct rich minty smell.


Alyssum Clear Crystal Mix

Alyssum Clear Crystal Mix [10900]

Lobularia maritima

Brand new breeding.

Large flowered 'tetraploid' alyssum with far more vigour than standard alyssum.

Three colours in the mix, lavender shades purple & white.