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About Us

Many of you already know who we are—you have been loyal customers from the very beginning. Once again—THANK YOU.

For those who are new to us: Egmont Seeds was originally set up in 1996. John McCullough (General Manager and owner of the company) has been involved in the business of seeds all his working life. The well-founded experience, gleaned while working at, and later managing, Watkins NZ, has enabled John to establish and continue to grow Egmont Seed Company Ltd, a very successful, NZ owned, family business.

Customer service is Egmont's #1 focus. Our dedicated, loyal and long serving staff, understand and cater for the needs of you, our valued and important customers. In the office Andrea and Kelly are usually busy preparing and invoicing your orders. Tony and Jennifer will be busy making sure that the correct seed is packed, while Mark and Michael also keeps an eye on the automatic packing machine for some of those bulkier items. Dave will package your seeds and get them on the way to you. All the while Sandra, Johnny, and John will be overseeing everything—it's tough at the top, eh!

Strong product and customer knowledge, along with our huge portfolio and access to most of the world’s best genetics, gives us the strength to continue to be an efficient, successful company, even in what has been a challenging time in business worldwide over the past couple of years.

So, who are we? We are proud to be NZ’s Number 1, 100% NZ owned, commercial seed company—welcome on board! Because we supply seeds to most of NZ’s nurseries up and down the country, it made sense to us to make available the unique and the unusual to you, the home gardener... Hence, Egmont Mail Order was born.

Our motivation for offering interesting and unusual items stems from our “core purpose”, and that is to be the catalyst that:

  • Creates/promises excitement in the world of flowers, taking ordinary gardens to beautiful, bountiful, inspirational and memorable gardens.
  • Delivers seed of premium quality-bred varieties that “succeed” through optimum performance and returns, through consistently reliable production.

In short, we are passionate about helping you turn your gardens into FANTASTIC ones! To do that, we offer high quality seeds of interesting and unusual items that you often can’t purchase “down town”. Each year we have been seeking out and adding new products to cater for everyone’s individual style, enabling you to continue to grow and develop your garden into that masterpiece you see in your mind’s eye. This year we have made a supreme effort to create an interesting BUMPER range with literally hundreds of new items.

Egmont loves to promote and encourage new and established gardeners alike. Each year we get many requests for sponsorship in one form or another. We love to help where we can, but it’s not always possible as there are so many requests. However, if you feel that we can assist your organisation, school or worthy cause in any way, please don’t hesitate to write to us giving all the details. Although it is not our policy to donate cash, we can assist with seeds, catalogues and the like.

So, thanks again for being such great customers. Your feedback is important and we welcome any suggestions or comments that will help us improve our service.