Use the seeds the professionals use


Broccoli Sprouting Rudolph

Broccoli Sprouting Rudolph [52055]

Brassica oleracea

Prolific yields of small, purple broccoli heads on tender stems. Unfortunately the beautiful purple colour is lost when cooked, but the heads remain delicious and nutritious.


Cape Gooseberry

Cape Gooseberry [53500]

Physalis edulis

With its loose bushy plant habit, this gooseberry bush grows to approximately 1 metre. It yields small marble-like golden berries in netted cases.

Fruit is sweet and juicy, with the heaviest crops arriving in the 1st and 2nd years.


Goji Berry

Goji Berry [53505]

Lycium barbarum

Goji Berries grow on a deciduous shrub found in temperate and subtropical regions in China. They are typically used in dried berry form.


Kiwano African Horned

Kiwano African Horned [57150]

Cucumeris metuliferus

This fruit is oblong in shape, and is approx 3 to 5 inches long. Light-green until maturity and turning bright orange. Grow as you would a cucumber. Exotic looking with distinctive long spines on the exterior. Banana-esque fl avour with a slight sour twist but very pleasant.

Squeeze for a great tasting juice, add pulp to fruit salad, use as topping on pavalova or simply eat as a fruit. Not dissimilar to passionfruit pulp but seeds are similar to cucumber and pulp is lime green. Looks great in the fruit bowl.


Melon - Rock Western Express F1 Hybrid

Melon - Rock Western Express F1 Hybrid [58890]

Cucumis melo var Reticulatus

Western Express is an excellent choice in NZ because it produces large, round-oval fruit under cool conditions. It has performed well in many areas and matures early. Fruit have deep orange flesh with a very small seed cavity.


Melon - Watermelon Charleston Grey

Melon - Watermelon Charleston Grey [58940]

Citrullus lanatus

A delicious early maturing melon developed specifically for home gardens. Flesh is sweet and fine textured with very few seeds.

Large, long, grey-green fruits weighing approx 10-13kg and growing to approx 22 x 50cm. Needs a long, warm growing season