Use the seeds the professionals use

Cut Flowers

CF Achillea Cassis Shades

CF Achillea Cassis Shades [CF0008]

Achillea millefolium

Cherry-red umbel flowers that fade slightly with age, producing a pleasing pink/red contrast. Great as a filler flower. A second flowering after deadheading is possible if growing conditions are ideal.


CF Ageratum Powder Puff Mix

CF Ageratum Powder Puff Mix [CF0033]

Ageratum houstonianum

A beautiful colour-way of blues, mauves, red/pinks and white.  Frost tender but easy to grow from seed.

The plants smother themselves in hundreds of cushion like flowers all season long.  An ideal flower to use for cutting with plants being 60cm in height.


CF Amaranthus Autumns Touch

CF Amaranthus Autumns Touch [CF0057]

Amaranthus cruentus

A highly productive bicoloured green and brown amaranth. Great as a filler in bouquets and installations.

Frost tender. Start seedlings under cover for transplant after last frost or direct sow where to grow.

Sometimes known as Amaranthus Pistachio [more...]