Use the seeds the professionals use


Amaranthus Red Callaloo

Amaranthus Red Callaloo [50002]

Amaranthus tricolor

Upright plant with reddy/green leaves. Best harvested when the plant is mature (approx 22cm tall), then prepare as you would spinach.


Basil Emerald Towers

Basil Emerald Towers [64311]

Ocimum basilicum

Emerald Towers claim to fame is that it flowers up to 10-12 weeks later than standard basil, this means of course that one plant will keep on producing leaves for an amazing length of time.


Bean Snake Bean

Bean Snake Bean [50250]

Vigna sesquipedalis

Very productive, climbing long podded type. The green beans grow as long as 40cm. Best grown up a trellis or with other support.