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Coir Mat 36x36cm [9850]

Coir Mat 36x36cm

A great way to control weeds around freshly planted seedlings, shrubs and trees.

Mat size 36x36cm


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These coir mats (a bi-product of coconut), have a handy slit on one side to make placement around the plants stress free, along with a hole in the middle with wee "star" cuts to allow room for perfect positioning. These mats are perfect for mass plantings, the area will be weed free while the plants establish themselves and grow. Not only are they perfect for saving time on weeding maintenance, but also great for the control of disease and mildew which can be caused by foliage sitting in the damp soil. Not to mention, hopefully the side issue of preventing the cats digging around in your freshly planted garden - fingers crossed!

Place mat smooth side down.