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Punnets Open 152mm X 108mm

Punnets Open 152mm X 108mm [9020]

Good seed germination is all about maximising your "strike rate". Increase your percentage strike rate by using new, clean, disease-free punnets.

The punnets we offer are cheap, have good drainage and will help ensure success. Punnet size: 152x108x60mm. Punnets are suitable for Prophouse Mini Glasshouses - available at your local "Warehouse Store".

$0.40 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 10

Replacement Capillary Mat

Replacement Capillary Mat [9329]

Capillary mats are supplied with the Early Grow, 3-Bay Electric Propagator [9315]. If they get damaged or lost these replacements should do the trick. Can also be used in conjunction with the Small Propagator Tray.

Helpful Hint : Any material that absorbs water well will have the same effect - eg: an old towel.

Dimenions (500mm x 245mm) [more...]
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Small Propagator Tray

Small Propagator Tray [9326]

A handy tray for either five Mini High-Top or three Vented Small Propagators to sit on at one time. Useful for watering your seedlings from the bottom, which is great to protect them from leaf damage and disease.

Dimenions (545mm x 215mm x 45mm)


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