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Echinacea Artisan Red Ombre [21220]

Echinacea Artisan Red Ombre

Echinacea purpurea

Artisan Red Ombre is the first F1 hybrid Echinacea to hit the market. It offers great germination, ease of production and first-year flowering versatility. Being an F1 hybrid, Artisan offers consistent, full, highly branched, uniform plants. The timing of these uniform blooms, flowering on each plant at the same time, make a fantastic en mass display of gorgeous, vibrant red shades that then mature gracefully, as Echinacea does so well. Winner of the “Pinnacle of Perennials Award” at the Oregon Association of Nurseries and Farwest Show.



Annual or Perennial  Perennial
Hardiness  Hardy
Approx days to flower/harvest 140 days
Height 70cm
Space between plants  65cm
When to sow Spring, Summer, Autumn
Seeds per packet Approx 5