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Petunia Easy Wave Mix [37592]

Petunia Easy Wave Mix

Petunia x atkinsiana (Trailing)

Tremendous flower power. In the garden with plenty of space, food and water, Easy Wave Petunias can easily spread to 3 feet making it the ideal petunia for landscaping.


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In a hanging basket or mixed planter Easy Wave will beat any ‘normal’ petunia hands down! Easy Wave flower petals have a shiny iridescent waxy texture, which repels water - therefore reducing chance of disease resistance and increasing the recovery after rain storms. Finally, Easy Wave has excellent salt tolerance - meaning it performs well in coastal plantings.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Hardiness  Tender
Approx days to flower/harvest 80 days
Height 35cm
Space between plants  60cm
Propagation  Prophouse germination recommended
When to sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per packet Approx 20