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CF Astrantia Rose Symphony

CF Astrantia Rose Symphony [CF0526]

Astrantia major

Aptly named for its symphony of rose coloured flowers.  Astrantia take 2-3 years to establish into a sizeable clump, but will reward you year after year with an abundance of stems to pick.  Grows best in light shade and slightly damp conditions.  Excellent cut flower.


CF Atriplex Ruby Gold

CF Atriplex Ruby Gold [CF0535]

Atriplex hortensis

Grown for its lime green foliage that is flushed with ruby pink as well as its stunning seed heads in a similar colour this is a very versatile plant well worth growing.


CF Basil Dark Opal

CF Basil Dark Opal [CF05501]

Ocimum basilicum

Not generally associated as being a cut flower but the lovely dark foliage of Dark Opal can add real depth to bouquets and installations with the added bonus of a lovely basil scent.

If you leave it to flower you will also be rewarded with lovely mauve flowers.


CF Celosia Molten Lava

CF Celosia Molten Lava [CF0725]

Celosia argentea cristata

A mix of crested Celosia that when combined resemble the colours of hot molten lava.  A really nice pop of colour for installations.


CF Centaurea The Bride

CF Centaurea The Bride [CF0872]

Centaurea imperialis

An easy to grow heirloom annual with large fluffy white flowers that have a long vase life with a subtle sweet scent.

As with all Centaurea's they prefer full sun and need really good drainage.  They also don't like their roots to be disturbed so direct sow or transplant from plugs.


CF Cosmidium Brunette

CF Cosmidium Brunette [CF0876]

Cosmidium burridgeanum

Masses of golden yellow petals with a chocolate centre.  Soft fern like foliage.

Dead head spent flowers to prolong flowering.