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Celosia Brains Trust

Celosia Brains Trust [16400]

Celosia cristata

A special compact and dwarf variety suitable for pots container planting and bedding.

The unusual flower form creates an interesting option for containers.

Celosia like it warm and require full sun


Celosia Dracula

Celosia Dracula [16405]

Celosia cristata

Dracula produces one big flower atop the plant; this is the first of its kind in novelty celosia to do so. The foliage is also interesting; in the greenhouse the flower is red and the foliage is green with some red.

Outdoors the foliage is darker and more purple-toned and the flower is a darker purple. Its strong upright flower makes a great bedding display en masse

Add a little drama to your landscapes, gardens and containers. A mid-height border plant. Please Note: The height will be shorter in high light conditions.


Celosia Kimono Mix

Celosia Kimono Mix [16450]

Celosia argentea plumosa

A dwarf selection suitable for container planting and formal bedding displays.

Very even growth habit, clear bright colours.

A huge improvement over old strains.


Celosia Kosmo Mix

Celosia Kosmo Mix [16290]

Celosia spicata

Nice compact, bushy plants with fascinating, ‘spiky’ flowers in bright colours. Easy to grow and excellent garden performance. Great addition to mixed planters for that WOW factor.


Centaurea Sweet Sultan Mix

Centaurea Sweet Sultan Mix [16455]

Centaurea imperialis

Soft thistle-like flowers with a delicate honey scent in shades of Lilac, Rose and White.

A very old heirloom variety used in cottage gardens or as a cut flower.  Natural attractor of bees and other beneficial insects.


CF Ageratum Powder Puff Mix

CF Ageratum Powder Puff Mix [CF0033]

Ageratum houstonianum

A beautiful colour-way of blues, mauves, red/pinks and white.  Frost tender but easy to grow from seed.

The plants smother themselves in hundreds of cushion like flowers all season long.  An ideal flower to use for cutting with plants being 60cm in height.


CF Amaranthus Autumns Touch

CF Amaranthus Autumns Touch [CF0057]

Amaranthus cruentus

A highly productive bicoloured green and brown amaranth. Great as a filler in bouquets and installations.

Frost tender. Start seedlings under cover for transplant after last frost or direct sow where to grow.

Sometimes known as Amaranthus Pistachio [more...]

CF Amaranthus Mira

CF Amaranthus Mira [CF0085]

Amaranthus caudatus

Beautiful bicolour red green tassels cascade from the plant.  Can be used in bouquets or installations for added drama.

Frost tender. Start seedlings under cover for transplant after last frost or direct sow where to grow.