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Celosia Kosmo Mix

Celosia Kosmo Mix [16290]

Celosia spicata

Nice compact, bushy plants with fascinating, ‘spiky’ flowers in bright colours. Easy to grow and excellent garden performance. Great addition to mixed planters for that WOW factor.


Chiastophyllum Solar Yellow

Chiastophyllum Solar Yellow [16480]

Chiastophyllum oppositifolium

A hardy perennial giving a fantastic spring show! Compact plants have sturdy, upright stems with eye-catching “weeping” blooms of bright yellow over fine, green foliage. Ideal for patio planters and gardens.


Chrysanthemum Bright Eyes

Chrysanthemum Bright Eyes [16560]

Chrysanthemum carinatum

An enchanting border plant, composing of masses of white blooms with contrasting black disks. Simple to grow cheerful looking daisy flowers


Chrysanthemum Snowland

Chrysanthemum Snowland [16500]

Chrysanthemum carinatum

Cute daisy like flowers (3-4cm) growing up to 20cm in height.

Relatively pest and disease free, Snowland is an excellent spring bedding plant with tremendous flower power.


Cineraria Dwarf Bedding Mix

Cineraria Dwarf Bedding Mix [16700]

Senecio cruentus

Cinerarias add a cottage touch to borders and shady situations.

Prefers shelter from wind and a cool, moist location. Naturalises readily.

Great spring colour


Cineraria Silverdust

Cineraria Silverdust [16900]

Senecio maritima

Has the common name ‘Dusty Miller’. Height shown is for foliage. Cineraria Silverdust is noted for its silvery leaves. Excellent for containers bedding and landscape plantings. Although not grown for the flowers plants do produce yellow flowers the second year.


Cleome Queen Mix

Cleome Queen Mix [17110]

Cleome spinosa

Cleome also known as Spider Plant, gets its nickname from the spidery-like flowers with long, waving strands atop strong leafy stems.


Coleus Black Dragon

Coleus Black Dragon [17300]

Coleus blumei

Medieval magic!

Black Dragon creates an exotic background in your shady garden beds.

Unique serrated leaves mass together creating a stunning contrast with ferns or many other plants of your choice.


Coleus Chocolate Mint

Coleus Chocolate Mint [17350]

Solenostemon scutellarioides

Rich chocolate brown offset with lime green rims. Fantastic foliage plant, accentuates bold bright flowers when combined in planter displays. Best grown in part shade.