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Alyssum Snow Crystals

Alyssum Snow Crystals [11100]

Lobularia maritima

Snow Crystals are slightly later to bloom than the Easter Bonnet series.

It has large, pure white, scented flowers and being a "tetraploid" it has the advantage of heat tolerance, making it the "Premier" garden performing alyssum.


Amaranthus Tower Red

Amaranthus Tower Red [11185]

Amaranthus cruentus

 Striking red flowers & foliage that create magnificent, elaborate and certainly unusual shapes. Perfect background plant giving that ‘wow' factor


Ammi Majus Green Mist

Ammi Majus Green Mist [11200]

Ammi visnaga

Otherwise known as "False Queen Anne's Lace".

The stems have finely divided leaves which give the plant a feathery, fern-like look.

Umbels bearing small greenish-white flowers give it the lacy appearance.

A lovely delicate item, yet great "filler" for the garden.


Anchusa Blue Angel

Anchusa Blue Angel [11500]

Anchusa capensis

Blue is a popular colour choice and never looks out of place in any garden.

Anchusa flowers are a rich blue and they flower practically all summer.