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Antirrhinum Twinny Mix F1 Hybrid

Antirrhinum Twinny Mix F1 Hybrid [12110]

Antirrhinum majus

First ever to be released dwarf, double flowered antirrhinum!  Most antirrhinums are boldly painted in bright colours but in addition, Twinny offers soft, suffused colour, beautifully blended to create a magnificent and inspirational display.

Excellent for bedding, borders and cut flowers.  Dependable and great value.  Also known as Snapdragon.


Aquilegia Swan Mix F1 Hybrid

Aquilegia Swan Mix F1 Hybrid [12410]

Aquilegia x caerulea

A true garden aquilegia, multi-stemmed plants with exceptional garden performance. The final result - abundant large blooms with vibrant colours. Makes a stunning landscape plant.


Arabis Snowfix

Arabis Snowfix [12600]

Arabis caucasica

Like a dusting of fresh snow Snowfix blankets the garden with small, bright white flowers.

Flowers early in spring.


Asclepias Swan Plant

Asclepias Swan Plant [12800]

Asciepias physocarpa

Favourite for kids (Big & Small!).

Otherwise known as "The Monarch Butterfly Plant" this unique plant will bring hours of joy, as both young and old marvel at nature!