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Melon - Watermelon Sugar Baby

Melon - Watermelon Sugar Baby [58900]

Cucumis melo var Reticulatus

Small round, dark skinned fruit, weighing approximately 3-5kg. Sow indoors in spring, ready for transplant. Reap the rewards in the height of summer with a mouth-watering treat of sweet, bright red juicy flesh.

Suitable only for warm climate areas


Papaya Amber Lady

Papaya Amber Lady [60050]

Carica papaya

Amber Lady is sweet tasting with orange-red flesh. It is a vigorous grower and has good fruit set, however it needs an average temperature of around 25-30 °C for optimal growth.



Passionfruit [60000]

Passiflora edulis

Once established this climber will supply good crops of round, plump, purple fruit.

Dark green foliage - good strong grower.


Pepino Dulce

Pepino Dulce [60700]

Solanum muricatum

Pepino's are ideal in a container on the deck where it will flower and fruit heavily. Deemed to be parthenocarpic (does not require pollination to produce fruit) however, a much heavier crop results from self or cross pollination (i.e. grow several plants and attract the bees).



Rhubarb [61500]

Rheum rhabarbarum

No garden is complete without a rhubarb patch! Strong, healthy upright growth - produces thick green shaded red stalks.

Plants regenerate quickly after cutting. Sow seeds in spring and autumn.


Rock Melon Honey Dew

Rock Melon Honey Dew [58860]

Cucumis melo

Honey Dew has a really sweet flavour, it's lovely and juicy and delicious served chilled. Flesh is pale green to green.

Prefers hot dry climates. Fruit grows approx 10-12cm in diameter.


Tomatillo Verde

Tomatillo Verde [64255]

Physalis ixocarpa

Tomatillos are the key ingredient in fresh and cooked Mexican and Central-American green sauces. Fruit should be firm and bright green, as the green colour and tart flavour are the main culinary contributions of the fruit.