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Microgreens Radish Red Arrow

Microgreens Radish Red Arrow [58720]

Raphanus sativus

Radish is one of the fastest and easiest microgreens to grow; you could be harvesting in as little as 10 days!

Radish Red Arrow microgreens have a milder taste than mature radish, they have dark green leaves with attractive pink to red stems.  Usually tasting their best when picked at the cotyledon stage.


Microgreens Rocket

Microgreens Rocket [58730]

Eruca sativa

If its a nice peppery taste you are keen on, then give Rocket a try.  As a microgreen, Rocket tastes the same as the fully mature plant.


Microgreens Wheatgrass

Microgreens Wheatgrass [58690]

Triticum Aestivum

An easy-to-grow nutritious microgreen. Spread seed liberally over your tray and cover lightly with soil.  It can enhance germination if you pop the seeds you are about to sow in the fridge for two weeks beforehand.

NZ grown seed.