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Gourd Sponge (Cooking)

Gourd Sponge (Cooking) [57115]

Luffa acutangula

Similar to zucchini, pick fruit when young and succulent.

Used in a variety of dishes in Indian, Chinese and South East Asian cuisines, where the fruits soak up the flavours they are being cooked in.


Layia Tidy Tips

Layia Tidy Tips [26395]

Layia platyglossa

A cheerful, annual daisy permeating yellow petals tipped with white. Like most daisies they like a sunny free draining site , flowering from late spring and all summer long.


Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm [64940]

Melissa officinalis

A lemon scented herb that comes from the same family as mint.  It's used widely in herbal medicine and to flavour tea and food.


Lettuce Red Romaine Cos

Lettuce Red Romaine Cos [58085]

Lactuca sativa

A red version of the favourite green Cos lettuce.  Pick leaves individually as needed or harvest as a whole lettuce.  Perfect for adding colour to salads.


Malope Cottage Mix

Malope Cottage Mix [28560]

Malope trifida

Pale pink to dark purple veined flowers cover the plant all summer long. Sure to be a talking point in your garden.

Sandy's Tip: Pinching the top out of plants will encourage bushier plants and more flowers.