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Marigold Whitegold Max

Marigold Whitegold Max [29875]

Tagetes erecta

Extra-Large, tight fully double flowers that are less prone to water damage. All white flowers when fully mature stand atop tall well‑branched stems making it a real stand out in the garden. Shorter than French Vanilla this African Marigold is perfect for small pots; many secondary flowers cover the plant making a lush bouquet. Great summer performer.

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Microgreen Starter Pack

Microgreen Starter Pack [9905]

  x10 Open Punnets [9020]

  x1 pair Mini Snips [9230]

  x1 pkt Broccoli Microgreens [58640]

  x1 pkt Mizuna Microgreens [58700]

  x1 pkt Radish Microgreens [58700] [more...]


Microgreens Beetroot Bulls Blood

Microgreens Beetroot Bulls Blood [58630]

Beta vulgaris var cicla

Beetroot Bulls Blood is one of the most attractive microgreens you can grow with its vibrant colours.  Its earthy flavour and crunchy, juicy texture make it a popular choice among foodies and chefs for salads, sandwiches and soups.


Microgreens Broccoli de Cicco

Microgreens Broccoli de Cicco [58640]

Brassica oleracea var Italica

Broccoli microgreens are said to be more nutrient rich than a mature broccoli head.

They are the quickest micogreen to harvest, being ready in just 7-10 days.  Broccoli microgreens should be harvested just as the true leaves start to appear after the cotyledon, leaving longer than this will affect the taste.


Microgreens Cabbage Red Acre

Microgreens Cabbage Red Acre [58650]

Brassica oleracea var Capitata

The flavour of cabbage microgreens is distinctive to each particular variety, but generally a little bit milder than the fully grown product.  Stunning red colour, great for burgers, salads and sandwiches.


Microgreens Cress Common

Microgreens Cress Common [58670]

Lepidium sativum

Cress is a popular choice for microgreens due to the fact it is one of the most nutrient rich greens.  Containing high amounts of vitamin A, C and K and is super easy to grow.  It has a peppery taste, so try little and often to find the right kick for you.


Microgreens Kale Red Russian

Microgreens Kale Red Russian [58680]

Brassica napus

Kale has been known as a super food for years and with its charming pink stems is another great nutrient rich microgreen.

Some people prefer to harvest their kale at the two leaf stage, so we suggest you try a few leaves until you find the right taste for you.


Microgreens Mizuna Red & Green Mix

Microgreens Mizuna Red & Green Mix [58700]

Brassica campestris var Chinensis

Mizuna has a mild and tangy, bitter-sweet flavour with subtle notes of pepper and mustard.  It is best harvested once the attractive, frilly true leaves have emerged and matured slightly.


Microgreens Radish Red Arrow

Microgreens Radish Red Arrow [58720]

Raphanus sativus

Radish is one of the fastest and easiest microgreens to grow; you could be harvesting in as little as 10 days!

Radish Red Arrow microgreens have a milder taste than mature radish, they have dark green leaves with attractive pink to red stems.  Usually tasting their best when picked at the cotyledon stage.