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CF Centaurea The Bride

CF Centaurea The Bride [CF0872]

Centaurea imperialis

An easy to grow heirloom annual with large fluffy white flowers that have a long vase life with a subtle sweet scent.

As with all Centaurea's they prefer full sun and need really good drainage.  They also don't like their roots to be disturbed so direct sow or transplant from plugs.


CF Cosmidium Brunette

CF Cosmidium Brunette [CF0876]

Cosmidium burridgeanum

Masses of golden yellow petals with a chocolate centre.  Soft fern like foliage.

Dead head spent flowers to prolong flowering.


CF Cosmos Xsenia

CF Cosmos Xsenia [CF0955]

Comos bipinnatus

Magenta and apricot striped petals give the appearance that the flower is almost glowing.  A simply stunning cosmos for a nice pop of colour.

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CF Dahlia Pompon

CF Dahlia Pompon [CF0966]

Dahlia variabilis

A well balanced mix of 10 colours on double and semi-double flowers, with a small percentage single.

Stems vary in length between 30-50cm, useful for smaller posies.


CF Digitalis Pink Gin

CF Digitalis Pink Gin [CF11030]

Digitalis purpurea

A beautiful soft pale apricot-pink foxglove.

Biennial - sow from November to January for flowering plants in December the following year.


CF Digitalis Polka Dot Polly

CF Digitalis Polka Dot Polly [CF11031]

Digitalis purpurea

These varieties flower over a long flowering period and branch well with excellent garden performance.

Peachy rose toned petals are packed densely onto the flower spike.


CF Eschscholzia Pink Champagne

CF Eschscholzia Pink Champagne [CF1125]

Eschscholzia californica

Not usually grown as a cut flower, but the peachy apricot colour of this eschscholzia is simply devine and lends itself beautifully for small posies or centrepieces.