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NZ Natives

Myosotidium Blue

Myosotidium Blue [48650]

Myosotidium hortensia

Also known as Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not. Seed sown in spring will flower the following spring. Seed sown in early autumn will flower in spring the same year.

A NZ native with large deep-green glossy leaves. Spectacular, blue waxy forget-me-not flowers make a vivid display


NZ Native Arthropodium Parnell Reinga Lily

NZ Native Arthropodium Parnell Reinga Lily [48000]

Arthropodium cirrhatum

A delightful and spectacular "Home Grown" NZ native that is not only easy to grow, but also tolerates a wide range of conditions. In spring and early summer, broad arching leaves send up beautiful sprays of starry white flowers... what a magnificent display!

Even without the beautiful white flowers special selection Parnell is an attractive addition to any garden. Commonly called Reinga Lily or Rengarenga Lily. Naturalises readily.


NZ Native Cabbage Tree

NZ Native Cabbage Tree [48220]

Cordyline australis

The Cabbage Tree tolerates cold weather better than many other tree-sized monocots and can be planted to give that tropical, exotic look.

Looks similar to palm trees


NZ Native Carex Testacea

NZ Native Carex Testacea [48300]

Carex testacea

A great landscape plant, becoming more popular in the new easy-care garden environments! Densely tufted foliage is green below with bright orange on the upper half, this gives it an overall golden appearance.

Grows quickly and forms abundant drooping flower stems in summer. "Cold Stratify" required, detailed cultural information on packet.


NZ Native Chionochloa Flavicans

NZ Native Chionochloa Flavicans [48310]

Chionochloa flavicans

Tough yet elegant, Chionochloa flavicans provides shapely foliage all year round and elegant pale creamy-green flower plumes in mid-summer. Flower heads grow to approx. 1.5m. Resembles a mini Toe Toe. "Cold Stratify" required - detailed cultural information on packet.


NZ Native Clematis

NZ Native Clematis [48270]

Clematis paniculata

Easy to grow climbing vine that looks fantastic when in full bloom. Medium sized white flowers in spring.

Great for training across pergola's shed or garages!


NZ Native Cookianum Dwarf

NZ Native Cookianum Dwarf [48750]

Phormium cookianum

Another great landscaping plant. Tough, drought resistant, wind tolerant yet attractive and extremely versatile.

Relatively pest and disease free.


NZ Native Hebe

NZ Native Hebe [48400]

Hebe speciosa

A delightful native bush/shrub that is smothered with purple/red flowers in spring.

Likes well drained conditions but can tolerate nutritionally poor conditions! Easy to grow. Great space filler.