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Carrot Kuroda [54165]

Carrot Kuroda

Daucas carota

This is a New Zealand produced carrot.

An interesting fact is that here in NZ we grow 40% of the worlds carrot seeds - not bad for such a wee country - Good on yah Mate.



Kuroda is a conical, orange main crop carrot, known for its high yields and tender, sweet taste. For those of you who are into smoothies and juicing, it is also a great juicing carrot. Thin plants to between 5-9cm apart for harvest. Grows to approx 20cm in length.

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 100
Height 40cm
Space between plants  5cm
When to sow Spring, Summer, Autumn
Seeds per packet Approx 2,500