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Corn Xtra Tender Yellow F1 Hybrid

Corn Xtra Tender Yellow F1 Hybrid [55900]

Zea mays var Saccharata

Brand new release. The most tender variety the world has to offer. Xtra-Tender's seedling vigour makes it one the leading earlier maturing sweetcorn varieties.

Bred with strong disease resistance.



Corn-Salad [64850]

Valerianella carinata

Historically classed as a weed known as Lamb's Lettuce - this could be because it generally appeared about the lambing season, or because it is a favourite food of lambs!

The young leaves in spring and autumn are particularly tasty - a great addition to your salad mixes or eaten on its own.


Courgette Amanda F1 Hybrid

Courgette Amanda F1 Hybrid [56020]

Cucurbita pepo

Good virus and powdery mildew resistance.  Open and upright plant habit for easier growth and picking.

Smooth, shiny dark-green courgettes.  Harvest when 25cm long.


Courgette Black Beauty

Courgette Black Beauty [56025]

Cucurbita pepo

An old standard, shiny dark-green, almost black Zucchini.  Superseded by a lot of better F1 Hybrid varieties but a good reliable and economically priced performer.


Courgette Dario (Summer Squash)

Courgette Dario (Summer Squash) [56005]

Cucurbita pepo

Long cylindrical fruit. Broad, dark-green with alternating thin, light-green stripes. Firm, white flesh. Dario is a relatively small plant with an open growth habit and high yielding crops.


Courgette Partenon F1 Hybrid

Courgette Partenon F1 Hybrid [56055]

Cucurbita pepo

Unfortunately this amazing courgette is being discontinued by our supplier. We are putting it on special to make room for its new replacement. Be in quick, if you have been fortunate enough to grow this amazing item, you'll know its worth its weight in gold!

This Zucchini is Parthenocarpic and self pollinating.  This makes it ideal for spring cultivation because there is no requirement for bees or insects to pollinate and set fruit set.  Other normal Zucchini struggle to set fruit in inclement weather due to low bee activity.  Fruit are medium dark green in colour with a shiny skin.

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