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Courgette Scallop Mix

Courgette Scallop Mix [56015]

Cucurbita pepo

These scallop shaped courgettes/zuchinni come in green, gold and white helping to provide another colourful dimension to your dishes. Try them steamed at just 5cm in diameter or stuffed at 10cm.


Cress Common

Cress Common [56150]

Lepidium sativum

Tiny... Tangy... Tasty ! These easy to grow Cress seeds will produce lovely sprouts to add to your salads sandwiches and can also be used as delicate garnishing. Plant in pots or simply in handy containers inside, ready for instant use.

Because they are quick to germinate they are great for the kids to grow... be it on a saucer with cotton wool... or as a creative masterpiece.


Crystal Leaf Ice Plant

Crystal Leaf Ice Plant [56160]

Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Item being discontinued.

Something a little different for all those brave enough try is this Crystal Ice Plant that makes a crunchy, tangy, salty snack!

Pop the raw leaves into salads or stir-fry, as the leaves remain crunchy even with heat.

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Cucumber Crystal Apple

Cucumber Crystal Apple [56400]

Cucumis sativus

This vigorous plant produces small white apple shaped fruit.

Thin skinned with excellent eating qualities this is a popular home garden variety.


Cucumber Iznik Mini F1 Hybrid

Cucumber Iznik Mini F1 Hybrid [56430]

Cucumis sativus

Fresh green, shiny finger cucumber with smooth skin and intense taste. This very early maturing plant is littered with 10cm long fruits well before other varieties. Iznik is Parthenocarpic - it does not require pollination to set fruit, so it can produce high-yields even under adverse conditions or without any bee activity. We recommend it as a great variety for pot and container production - not necessary to stake, but may be beneficial.