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Beans Broad Hughey Crimson Flowered

Beans Broad Hughey Crimson Flowered [50150]

Vicia faba

A tasty and prolific bean making any garden look good. This is a taller growing variety which will benefit from some form of support or staking. The 'Hughey' produces attractive green seeds that will stay green when cooked. The Crimson flowered broad bean is back!


Beans Broad Imperial Green - 500g Bulk

Beans Broad Imperial Green - 500g Bulk [50201]

Vicia faba

*500g Bulk Pack*

Imperial Green plants reach approximately 1.3 metres in height, with maturity between 90-120 days. Beans retain their attractive bright green colour when cooked. Grows vigorous 1.5m-high plants that produce thick, fleshy pods up to 30cm long.


Beans Climbing Butter Goldfield

Beans Climbing Butter Goldfield [50720]

Phaseolus vulgaris

Climbing beans produce more beans per plant than dwarf varieties. These prolific plants produce flattish pods of light yellow butter beans. Keep well picked to prolong productivity.

Water well in dry periods. Best grown up a trellis or some kind offence/support.