Use the seeds the professionals use


Beans Dwarf Green Gold Mix

Beans Dwarf Green Gold Mix [50210]

Vigna sesquipedalis

Vegetables don't have to be green! This mixed packet is great for the smaller garden where 2 packets is too many!

Easy to grow. Both green and gold beans mature at similar times.


Beans Scarlet Runner Tenderline

Beans Scarlet Runner Tenderline [50900]

Phaseolus vulgaris multiflorus

This variety has been bred with "slower vigour" which significantly reduces the stringy, tough fibre development.

Although the yield is less than other common varieties the superior bean quality more than compensates for it.


Beans Shiny Fardenlosa

Beans Shiny Fardenlosa [50780]

Phaseolus vulgaris

Much sought after bean that has not been around for several years. Shiny Fardenlosa has shiny, bright green pods.

Stringless variety. An old favourite.


Beetroot All Seasons F1 Hybrid

Beetroot All Seasons F1 Hybrid [51020]

Beta vulgaris var Cruenta

Having the luxury of wandering to the garden patch and picking fresh, nutritious vegetables for your evening meal is indeed one of the privileges that many of us in New Zealand still have.

Beetroot All Seasons is ideal. As the name suggests you can have produce all year round - not to be confused with planting the seed all year round.


Beetroot Bulls Blood

Beetroot Bulls Blood [51120]

Beta vulgaris var Cruenta

Distinctive rings on this round beet add a lovely visual element to salads.

The deep red leaves are fantastic in mesclun mixes and micro salads.