Use the seeds the professionals use


Beetroot Golden Touchstone

Beetroot Golden Touchstone [51050]

Beta vulgaris var Cruenta

A yellow/orange globe beetroot. Globe has a sweet flavour and without the dominating red colour like usual beetroot it works well as an addition to casseroles.

Although the flavour is the same as the red beets the mind works in mysterious ways... sometimes you can be tricked into thinking it tastes different! In these cases we recommend you eat it with your eyes closed!!!


Beetroot Rainbow Blend

Beetroot Rainbow Blend [51150]

Beta vulgaris var Cruenta

Something a little novel, different and nutritious.

Expect, Golden, White, Chiogga and Red beet in this blend. Prepare as you would any other beetroot.


Borecole Black Cavolo Nero

Borecole Black Cavolo Nero [51950]

Brassica oleracea var Acephala

This ‘Black Cabbage’ forms no head but grows up in the form of a ‘palm tree’ with long, strap like, dark green, well blistered leaves. The leaves form in a rosette, on top of the stem. Winter hardy. Flavour is said to improve after frost.


Borecole Blue Ridge F1 Hybrid

Borecole Blue Ridge F1 Hybrid [51900]

Brassica oleracea

An old fashioned vegetable that is still asked for often. Best grown as a cool weather plant. Pick leaves as needed but don't disturb the growing point.

Ornamental as well as nutritious and edible.Blue Ridge has excellent blue colour with high frill. Consistent full curl on all leaves. Good resistance to stretching


Broccoflower Alverda F1 Hybrid

Broccoflower Alverda F1 Hybrid [52250]

Brassica oleracea var botryis

Small cauli-shaped heads that are lime-green in colour! A delicious blend of broccoli and cauli that has a vibrant colour when cooked.

Excellent in gourmet cuisine. Delicious and nutritious.


Broccoli De Cicco

Broccoli De Cicco [52100]

Brassica oleracea var Italica

An open pollinate variety that produces small semi-domed, mid-green heads. A standard home garden variety