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Capsicum Mad Hatter F1 Hybrid

Capsicum Mad Hatter F1 Hybrid [54078]

Capsicum baccatum

Mad Hatter is a flat disc pepper that is crunchy and crisp. Its not unalike our previous Habanera Flyer that we used to supply - looks a bit like a spaceship.

This very popular all purpose sweet pepper is easy to grow and is right up there with great yields.


Capsicum Purple Beauty

Capsicum Purple Beauty [53740]

Capsicum annum

NEW 2024

This one has been hard to get over the past couple of years, but we are happy to reintroduce a dark purple bell-shaped, thick-fleshed sweet pepper. Awesome unique colour addition to any salad or meal.

Unlike most peppers which start out green, this one starts out purple, giving the desired colour as early as possible.