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144 Cell Propagation Tray [9038]

144 Cell Propagation Tray

For the serious sower! Are you sick of having to move lots of little punnets around? Consider using a 144-cell Propagation Trays.

Fits perfectly into our new Large Vented Propagator - Product number 9312.

Individual cells are 25x25mm

Photo to come (similar to the 60 cell trays.)



These 144 cell trays are perfect for those with large gardens who want to sow lots of bedding plants at once. This tray replaces our former 198-cell tray that is no longer available. Smaller cells than the 60-cell propagator, just right to grow your seedlings to the "pricking out" stage.

We do recommend you "plant out" seedlings in to larger containers before the roots become overgrown and start growing "in circles" within the cell! Made of lightweight PVC making it easy to "pop" the plants out when ready.

Tray dimensions are 505mm x 305mm x 50mm.