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Pot & Cage

Pot & Cage [9255]

Minimum purchase x2 baskets

Stylish and practical, hexagonal 9 litre pots suitable for patio vegetables and/or flowers that benefit from having staking or growing support. Only available in red.

$8.00Min:  2

Potting Scoop

Potting Scoop [9214]

Bright blue potting scoop so its easy to spot! These little beauties are a perfect size for scooping your seed raising or potting mix into punnets or containers.

Dimenions : 250mm from the end of the handle to the scoop edge.


Propagator Shallow Lid

Propagator Shallow Lid [9320]

This Vented Large Prpagator Shallow Lid is suitable for both the Vented Large Propagator and also the Large Propagator Height Extender Set.

Dimenions (580mm x 380mm x 35mm)

Highly Recommended


Punnet 6 Cell 152mm X 108mm

Punnet 6 Cell 152mm X 108mm [9030]

Punnets are suitable for use in a variety of Prophouse Mini Glasshouse containers. Individual cells are 45mm square. Total punnet size is 160x115x60

$0.45Min:  10 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 10

Punnets Open 152mm X 108mm

Punnets Open 152mm X 108mm [9020]

Good seed germination is all about maximising your "strike rate". Increase your percentage strike rate by using new, clean, disease-free punnets.

The punnets we offer are cheap, have good drainage and will help ensure success. Punnet size: 152x108x60mm. Punnets are suitable for Prophouse Mini Glasshouses - available at your local "Warehouse Store".

$0.40 NOTE: Purchase in multiples of 10