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Mini High-Top Propagator [9305]

Mini High-Top Propagator

These cute little beauties will fit nicely on your windowsill, so if you are just wanting to start off a few seeds from time to time as required, then grab a couple of these. Simply wash out and use time and time again, think about how much space you are saving in the Landfill by re-using these containers instead of using throw away punnets. .

Dimensions (160mm x 100mm x 120mm) Recommended



If you are a bit more enterprising, five of these wee Mini High-Tops will fit on the Small Propagator Tray [9326], which when filled with water, will prevent the seedlings from drying out if you have to go away for a day or two. Most of the different sized propagators do not come with the drainage holes pierced, this is so you can decide whether you will be using them as free-draining seed raisers or propagators to pop your punnets into (obviously these small containers are best pierced.) If you decide you will be popping your seed raising mix directly in the containers then you will need to press something suitable, such as a large nail or Phillips Screwdriver perhaps, into the purpose moulded bumps at the bottom of the container. When using these as free-draining containers on either an Electric Heated Propagator or sitting in a water filled tray, you can pop a capillary mat between the propagator and the water source so the seed raising mix can continually suck up the moisture.