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Tape Gun Tape (Danco)

Tape Gun Tape (Danco) [9815]

Tape suitable for both tape guns offered.

The image shows a pack of 10 rolls, however these are sold individually for $3.50 per roll (pack of 10 is $35.00)


The Original Weeder

The Original Weeder [9350]

This is the most handy weeding tool you will ever have in your possession! Seriously, we kid you not, it is The Original Weeder. The small, light but tough wire hook means it is easy to pull through soil and roots allowing you to weed large areas in no time. It's one of those simple yet amazing things that you will wonder how you ever got by without.



Vented Medium Propagator (380mm x 240mm x 160mm)

Vented Medium Propagator (380mm x 240mm x 160mm) [9311]

Sturdy, high-quality propagator made in the UK. Wash out and use time and again for a steady flow of seedlings at regular intervals.

This medium propagator fits on the Early Grow Electric Propagator.   Likewise it is a great, sturdy propagator that can be used without heat.

Dimensions (380mm x 240mm x 175mm)

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