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Self Watering Propagator [9300]

Self Watering Propagator

Propagator, complete with capillary matting, multi-purpose tray and covers.

Dimensions 38.5 x 24cm



A complete growing system for rapid seed germination. From planting your seeds to popping out a ready to transplant seedling plant. No hassles of frequently drying out cells as this system comes with its own capillary matting that supplies water as required from the reservoir. The handy multi-purpose tray is used for "firming" down potting mix, as a base for the 40-cell tray to sit on and then as a handy "pop-out" tool to gently remove your plants on completion. Also included is a tray used as a reservoir and a plastic top cover that will prevent the unit from drying out too quickly. The water level is easily seen through the watering hole, simply top up as required.

The cell tray is made of polystyrene, which encourages constant warmth around the developing plant.

The Self-Watering Propagator has a large open hole at the bottom that allows you to see when the roots have developed enough to be planted out without having to disturb them - allowing perfect timing, every time for planting out.

Comes with easy step-by-step instructions

A. Place the Multi-cell tray on a smooth, solid surface, fill the cells with your usual seed or potting compost and level off the surface. The compost should be moist but not over wet.

B. Locate the pegs of the multi-purpose tool over the cells and push down lightly and evenly. Now top up the cells with compost and level off the surface again. The lightly firmed compost will not fall through the open bases due to the cells' carefully designed shape. The open bases enable quick and easy inspection to check root development - without touching the plants.

C. The reverse side of the multi-purpose tool is designed to be used as a plant platform. Place the capillary matting on top of the multi-purpose tool - fitting it exactly into the recess and allowing the free end of the matting to hang over the end of the plant platform, leaving the watering hole uncovered. Place inside the plastic reservoir and three-quarters fill with water wetting the capillary matting and allowing excess water to drain into the reservoir without spillage. You can check the water level in the reservoir by looking into the watering hole.

D. Place the Multi-cell tray onto the capillary matting, and then water. This is very important to ensure the capillary action is established. Your self-watering unit should now be working. When your tray is watered pick it up and set it down firmly on a hard surface. This should settle the compost, so that it reaches the bottom of all cells making good contact with the capillary matting.

E. Replace the tray on the matting, and then lift it up again. Check the compost has touched the matting under each cell. If not, settle the compost again. The unit will water your plants 24 hours a day - allowing them to take up only the moisture they require.

F. Simply place the plastic top over the seed box or Multi-cell tray to prevent the unit from drying out too quickly. If using the unit outdoors place a couple of stones on the top to prevent it from blowing away. Top up the level through the watering hole. You can now leave the plants unattended from a few days in a sunny outdoor site, to weeks indoors in the shade.

G. When seedlings have germinated, remove the top. Whilst the top is excellent for germinating and establishing seeds the plants will benefit from a period of "hardening off" before planting out. The unit will ensure the young plants are well watered during the hardening off period (both in or outdoors). If outdoors replace the top at night to protect against low temperatures.

H. To remove the plants place the multi-purpose tool, flat side down, on a solid worktop. Place the Multi-cell tray over the pegs so that they locate with the cell bases. Now push the Multi-cell tray down slowly until the plants pop up neatly. Each of the plants are contained in a pot shaped compost block, perfectly ready for planting out without risk of damage by handling delicate stem or leaf structures.