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CF Smyrnium perfoliatum [CF1945]

CF Smyrnium perfoliatum

Smrynium perfoliatum

Delicate greenish gold umbels appear through the middle of the leaves in this unusual plant.  Though unusual it is a relatively old cottage garden plant that was known to be used in flower arrangements.



Being a biennial it germinates and then dies down to a baby tuber until the following year.

The sowing must be kept warm (about 18 to 22°C) and moist for the first 2–4 weeks.  After this period the sowing must be kept at a cold temperature (between –4 and +4°C) for another 4–6 weeks.  This is best achieved by placing in your fridge inside a sealed plastic bag to retain moisture.

Annual or Perennial  Perennial
Approx days to flower/harvest
Height 60-90cm
Space between plants  
When to sow
Seeds per packet Approx 25