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Vented Large Propagator (580mm x 380mm x 235mm) [9312]

Vented Large Propagator (580mm x 380mm x 235mm)

Another goodie for the serious sower! Sturdy, high-quality Propagator made in the UK, can be washed out and used time and time again. We recommend you wash and disinfect the containers at the end of each season, then store in your shed, garage or wherever is convenient out of direct sunlight.

Both 60-cell and 198-cell plug trays fit perfectly in this propagator.

Dimenions (580mm x 380mm x 240mm)

Highly Recommended



The Large Propagator has channels that will facilitate overflow water, allowing moisture to stay in the container which will help to keep your punnets from drying out as quickly. 60-cell Trays fit perfectly in this propagator, if you haven't already tried a 60-cell tray before, believe me they are fantastic! - individual seeds can be popped into each cell and you then only need to remove the seedling when it is ready to be planted out. Ideal for pansy and viola. The large propagator also easily fits 10 punnets at one time. Will fit a 198-cell Flight plug tray, maximising your propagator. Lid has adjustable vents for air circulation. Although the base does not have drainage holes punched through, it does have indented recesses for you to easily punch through yourself if you choose to use this propagator on your head-pad.

Dimensions 580mm x 380mm x 235mm