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Chicory Italiko

Chicory Italiko [55360]

Cichorium intybus

An heirloom variety from Italy, it is also known as "Red Dandelion" due to its beautiful dark-red stems.

Popular in salads with its bitter spicy taste.  It is also great to harvest as a baby leaf variety.  Cut leaves off as required and the plant will continue to produce new ones.


Cineraria Hansa Strain Mix

Cineraria Hansa Strain Mix [16780]

Pericallis x hybrida

Cineraria add a cottage touch to borders and shady situations.

Prefers shelter from wind and a cool, moist location. Naturalises readily, providing great spring colour.

Great spring colour


Clarkia Double Flowered Mix

Clarkia Double Flowered Mix [16950]

Clarkia unguiculata

A tall, red stemmed annual covered loosely in dainty four petalled flowers in shades of pink, salmon and purple. Great addition to wildflower and perennial borders.

Please note: This is Treated Seed due to Biosecurity Requirements


Cosmos Xsenia

Cosmos Xsenia [18635]

Cosmos bipinnatus

The stunning apricot and magenta coloured flowers appear to almost glow.

Slightly shorter than your normal cosmos, you can see why it is highly favoured with florists.


Courgette Black Beauty

Courgette Black Beauty [56025]

Cucurbita pepo

An old standard, shiny dark-green, almost black Zucchini.  Superseded by a lot of better F1 Hybrid varieties but a good reliable and economically priced performer.


Crystal Leaf Ice Plant

Crystal Leaf Ice Plant [56160]

Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Item being discontinued.

Something a little different for all those brave enough try is this Crystal Ice Plant that makes a crunchy, tangy, salty snack!

Pop the raw leaves into salads or stir-fry, as the leaves remain crunchy even with heat.

$3.50  $1.75
Save: 50% off


Dahlia Garden Pride

Dahlia Garden Pride [19060]

Dahlia variabilis

Vivid colours make an enormous impact that immediately catch the attention of passers‑by A well balanced mix of 10+ colours on double and semi-double flowers.

Long flowering season.