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Basil Emerald Towers [64311]

Basil Emerald Towers

Ocimum basilicum

Emerald Towers claim to fame is that it flowers up to 10-12 weeks later than standard basil, this means of course that one plant will keep on producing leaves for an amazing length of time.



Traditional Genovese flavour on an eye-catching, dark-green glossy tower. Excellent branching genetics are not only beautiful, but also show off the huge harvest potential. Grows well in pots, can be grown in the ground. Those of you who love basil must give this one a try, looked after well this plant can supply your basil needs for the season!

Annual or Perennial  Annual
Approx days to flower/harvest 60 days
Height 90cm
Space between plants  30cm
When to sow Spring, Summer
Seeds per packet Approx 50